She shopped…

The trip to Ballarat went well except for the rain and a bit more rain and a bit more rain and a bit more rain and, of course, Ballarat is Cold but that is a known factor so no surpise there.  I really do like Ballarat.  It is a Gold Rush Town and there is some wonderful architecture to spy on the drive around.  Unfortunately because of the rain it was definitely not a photo opportunity type of day.  Mmm, good reason to have to go back!

I got there a little earlier than the others so I started my day in Myer and my credit card should start to recover shortly.   Well, I needed stuff for The Big Trip Over the Water and for once a shop co-operated by having what I wanted when I wanted it – and on mark down!!!  All good.  I was seriously enamoured of Myer Ballarat that day and when the text came that the others had landed I think my bank account heaved a sigh of relief, it was starting to get dangerous to its health!!

But to the actual point of the trip …

We started the day at Ballarat Patchwork where I picked up these fabrics…


The blue, pink, green & chocolate are to go in my stash for a quilt class in January next year – the collection has already begun for that one.  I have some of these fabrics already but wasn’t able to get much of each one so when I saw them all in the one place I just had to get 1/2 metre of each to “make sure” I have enough for what I want to do.  The other two are just because they were there. One of them is a cheater fabric where I loved the range on the bolts but couldn’t justify (read, decide which one I wanted) a piece of each so this cheater fat 1/4 sure did solve that problem.  No idea what to do with it but does that really matter.

Also picked up this pattern….

IMG_9782And I mean that quite literally.  I was carrying it around the shop and didn’t even realise I still had it in my hand!!!  Took that as a sign that it wanted to come home with me.   There were examples made up in the shop and the little dachschund and her puppies were just too too cute.

After Ballarat Patchwork (and a coffee stop – don’t ask, it was a Bad Choice) we drove through the rain out to Sebastopol to Gail’s Patchwork Emporium which is an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies.  So much to see – we spent 1 1/2 hours!!!  After much deliberation I only managed to come away with some beads…


Not easy to take a photo of!  They are georgeous Japanese beads and just so pretty I had to have some.  I do have a plan for one of them, so I got 6!!!  Yeah, well, I couldn’t decide just which one would be the right one – he he he.

Happy Sewing


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