Time Flies…

Time flies when you’re having fun, or in my case, when you are calendar challenged.  I’ve a swap to get in the mail by tomorrow 1 June and somehow my tiny little pea brain decided that there was a whole week between 30 May and 1 June!!  A WEEK!  What the?  How was that even possible – sheesh there are times when I wonder, seriously wonder about me.  Oh, and I had to work both weekend days so that helped – NOT!  Good thing it’s not complicated to finalise.

Don’t worry Nicole I won’t miss the deadline, your parcel will be taken to the Post Office tomorrow to wing its way across the big water.

Yesterday, after work, I wandered to Mistea’s and in between eating cake and fish & chips (isn’t that diet food?), she asked about the bag I’m making to take on the Big Trip Over the Water. Mmm, yes, that would be amongst the general debris in the sewing room. I decided to make a “modification” to the original pattern but managed to sew the modification inside out, so it requires some reverse sewing and a bit of a do over. Obviously that was too hard at the time so I buried it!! It’s now on the sewing table next to P’faff so there is more chance of progress.  The original pattern takes a whole maybe 2 hours to sew – but then there is my version, so 3 weeks later!!


I’m using one of the yummy Ink & Spindle hand screen printed fabrics I acquired at their studio open day a couple of months ago.  Those girls are SO talented.  I love the chocolate colour.  The co-ordinating fabric was bought especially on retreat weekend at the beginning of May.

I actually tried to post this morning before I went to work.  Firstly the photo wouldn’t load, then I was chucked out of my own blog!, then when I hit publish the only thing that remained was the title.  I had to leave for work so I gave up.  Fingers crossed this time around it appears to be working.

Hope your weekend was a good crafty one.  Back to the coasters in front of the tele for me – they are very nearly finished.

Happy sewing


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