What is found? My MOJO! YAY!!! It’s back – with a vengence!! Swaps are all under control and happening things.  As of 1/2 hour ago Annie is ostensibly finished – I’m sure that after living with her for a couple of days before she goes on her trip to her new home that I will find Something that needs to be tweaked.  This morning I cut out the coasters ready to be sewn for the coaster swap, after which I even went to quilters group and made good progress on my friendship group block.   I received my pincushion swap partner but I can’t say who it is because it is a secret, BUT…it is another parcel to send over the big water so I’m very excited about that. I instantly decided upon which path to take with the project when I read her questionnaire answers – looking forward to making that one.

After work on both weekend days I got to spend the rest of the day with friends whose very presence helped to refuel the depleted crafty fuel tank.  Good company is always inspiring.

Most of the Big Details have been sorted for the Big Trip Over The Water.  It is all coming together.  Only five weeks to go – gulp!

AND, late yesterday afternoon – IT RAINED!!!  Actual wet stuff fell from the sky – not a common occurrence but a very welcome one.  12mm in the rain gauge – another YAY!

Hope your week is treating you well so far.

Happy sewing


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