Misplaced Mojo

It seems I misplaced my crafting mojo this past week.  It only started to return last night.  My Annie has made progress over the last two nights but of course I can’t share – yet!  She has to be finished by the end of next weekend and so do my coasters for the coaster swap – yep, something else I can’t share yet!  Swaps are fun but it’s really really hard not being able to show progress.

Some new things have come to live at my house though this week in preparation for  the Big Trip Over The Water.  This came home with me last weekend…


IMG_9708 Oh I’ve wanted one of these for SO long and the desktop PC, well it’s not all that portable.  Don’t want to be out of touch when I’m over the water.


.Then today a big box came to my house…Don’t you just love snail mail!  Inside?  More presents to me from me of course…

IMG_9703Gift wrapping was free for orders over a certain value and I figured why not – I just wanted the ribbon!  It’s fabric and there is a lot of it. That’ll go straight to the Sewing Room!  Besides, it’s a present – he he he

I suppose that is where my crafting mojo went – it was replaced by Trip Fever, for a few days at least.  And now, before more Trip Fever takes over and I feel the need to play how much stuff can I cram in one case! …it’s back to the sewing room, Annie is calling she wants some attention!

Happy Sewing


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