Short Break…

Well, that was a bit of a short break in transmission.  Not a lot has been happening around here sewing wise but A LOT has happened in the cleaning, sorting, decluttering area outside of the sewing room.  Apparently, I have a whole other bit of house that occassionally requires attention!  It had to happen but it takes such a lot of time when it has to be fitted in around the going to work stuff, which promised to slow down but didn’t carry through on the threat straight away.  The wheels are turning more slowly now though which is a good thing.

I’ve also spent computer time trying to figure out stuff like “why am I no reply” which is simply beyond me apparently.  Even with Mistea’s help I can’t get it to let bloggers reply by email to comments I leave.  I appear to have ticked all the right boxes – aaaggghhh!!!  Oh, and when I do play computer time, I get severely distracted by all your lovely blogs and news and inspriration and run out of time for me to post.  Got to stop doing that but it is so much fun!!!

I’ve made contact with swap partners which has been lovely – all so very new and scary to me but what was I scared of, of course people in blogland are lovely.

I have made progress on my Annie swap project.  She has a body and her face and shoes are drawn on.  Need to get the paints out next.  For the moment she is hanging on the design wall, quite naked but she appears OK with that.  Her dress fabric is all picked out.

I’ve also managed a little handpiecing on a block for a friend that is part of a friendship swap – it’s such a good thing she isn’t in a hurry!!!

So, as I can’t show you anything that I’ve actually worked on, here is something I prepared earlier:


A stitchery designed by Sue Jones for The Stitched Up Angel.

Happy Sewing


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