Ta da…Buttons!

No, not the sew on keep your clothes together kind, the blog kind. I just figured out how to put them in the side bar! I’m feeling rather clever at this point. It won’t last. There will be a new challenge with this blogging thingy that will take me another two weeks to wrap my brain cells around I’m sure. But for now….

The buttons that relate to the swaps I’ve signed up for are in the side bar and THEY WORK!!! Aunt Pitty Pat’s is a bit wider than the side bar area but it is mostly there and it still works.

This weekend I’ve signed up for two new swaps (the addiction grows). The girls over at Kindred Spirits came up with the idea of a coaster swap and as I’ve been wanting to make a particular item that is easily a coaster for the last few weeks with absolutely no cause, it seemed like an excellent idea so, threw my hat into the ring for that one. My partner is across the big water in Missouri, USA.

Also came across the pincushion swap being hosted by Sandra Quilt at Home. Mulled over that one for a couple of days and then decided, well, why not. Pincushions have so many possibilities. Don’t know my partner for that one yet as of course we are slightly ahead of Europe timewise. So I’ll just have to wait until the clock counts down to the sign up closing time.

And speaking of clocks counting down, the one that says I should be asleep counted down quite a while back and I ignored it. Thinking maybe time to take notice and do the sleeping thing.

Happy Sewing


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