Favourite Sewing Gear

Jo inTas mentioned on her blog that Lynette Anderson had asked “what is your favourite sewing gear”. Well, currently, this is mine..


My OTT light – love it.

My bin.  This brilliant idea has the bottom half of a 2 litre pet soft drink bottle inside the fabric bin.  It goes everywhere with me.  I didn’t make this one.  I’ve since made a couple for friends.

My sewing bag and it’s contents.  The bag, pin cushion, needle case, scissor case and scissor keep are a set.  Once the embroidery was done the whole set went together really quickly in one afternoon.  It’s a bit like a handbag – I just keep putting stuff into it, more and more stuff until every now and then it’s so bulging I have to clean it out and start over.

Applique pins – you probably can’t see them but they are in the pin cushion. I use them for, well, lots of stuff really.  Occassionally I come unstuck and need bigger pins but as this is for portable sewing they are usually just the right size for hand piecing or whatever.

Needle threader.

Scissors – little stork ones for cutting threads and yes, my dressmaking shears.  I have had so many comments that “you can’t cut that little [whatever] with those big scissors”.  Oh, can’t I?  Yep, I can.  Love ’em.  They are only only only ever allowed to cut fabric.

Needleworks/Threadworx threads.  The project that currently has taken up residence in the bag has embroidery on it and these threads are the ones that I’m using.

Dog fabric pencil case – a Christmas present.  A bit like the main bag I keep stuffing stuff into it until it bulges and I have to clean it out, so the contents vary quite a bit.  At the moment there are new rotary cutter blades, a mechanical pencil, thread for hand piecing and basting glue in there amongst various other bits and pieces.  It went to retreat so it has some stuff in it that it wouldn’t necessarily usually hold.

So, currently this is my favourite sewing gear.  And, like Jo inTas, my magazine collection.  I too can’t bear to throw any of them out.

Happy Sewing


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  1. Hi there….
    couldnt reply since you were in no-reply… hope this ok.. thanks for your lovely comments… Im so happy to find new lovely bloggers…
    Loved to see all your lovely sewingthings… that bottlebin is genious…:o)
    Have a great day!!!

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