Thimbleberries Club

Thursday night was Thimblerries Club.  I knew that so why did I drive home from work, come inside, close the blinds, turn on the heaters, turn on the tele, put on the kettle and turn on the computer BEFORE I realised I should have gone straight from work to the patchwork shop!  DOH!  Hurridly undid all of the above staying home preparations, grabbed my stuff and made my way across to where I should have been!  I’m always at least 1/2 hour late because of my work hours but 1 hour 10 minutes was bad even for me – LOL!!!  Oh lordy, my brain has been way too overloaded!!

We are up to Month 4 and I’m happy to say that I am actually completely up to date.  Thse are the  Month 3 blocks I got done at retreat last weekend…

Thimbleberries Month 3The three 6″ “pink” blocks along the top are the balance of  the blocks from Month 1.  Month 1 had it’s own challenges but it is done now – it was a timing thing.

These are the fabrics and pattern for Month 4.  I’m off to wash the fabric now and hopefully I can get it sewn this weekend as I have NO WORK for the WHOLE weekend – YAY!!!!!!!

Thimbleberries Month 4

This is the first year I’ve participated in Thimblerries Club and I’ve chosen to do the Traditional colourway.  This month though I really really really wanted the light colourway, the two non-beige fabrics were beautiful.  Just might have to treat myself to some of them just because they are there!

I am doing Thimbleberries Club through Harmony Quilts, in the next town 20km west.  The shop is run by Trish & Tony (and Kimar, the cat person).  They are lovely people and deserve a visit.  Trish specialises in Thimblerries.  As part of the Club, Trish awards “Thimblerrie Bucks” for things like finishing the month on time, bringing show & tell, etc.  At the end of the year we can use our “bucks” to bid at auction at the Christmas break-up.  A fun idea.

My gorgeous friend Rose made us all a “wallet” from Thimbleberries fabric for our “bucks” as a surprise present.  This is the one I chose…



Rosie left it for us to choose our own fastener/button.  Thank you Rosie very much.

Happy Sewing


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