Redwork Swap

The postman bought me a parcel on Tuesday morning – a nice squishy parcel.  And when I cut off the end this peeked out at me…


Further exploaration revealed a pretty wrapped package.  Isn’t the paper nice.  I think the design would make a nice applique – but I don’t go there too often so maybe not.


It just demanded to be unwrapped so I of course had to oblige.  The contents started to be revealed…


And of course it was…


a redwork cushion from the very first swap I have participated in.  The swap was held by Maree over at On My Verandah.  Go over and visit Maree. She has a new swap up – a Paper Bag Swap for Aust & NZ bloggers.

Anyway, the redwork cushion swap was a secret swap. I sent to someone and someone else sent to me. The lovely lady who sent me this is June from Queensland. Thank you June, I love it. It can sit amongst my bears and keep them comfortable. June didn’t include her cyberspace details so I can’t put a link in.

I sent over the pond to New Zealand. As it has been 10 days since I posted the parcel and as it only takes 3-4 days to get across the water I think it is now safe if I post a picture of what I sent.


I used an Angels in Disguise pattern for the stitchery called Redwork Annie.  I found the instructions for the card in an old Homespun (I can’t remember which one and I’ve put it away).  Marg Low was the designer. She has cool designs and good quick things for little pressies or whatever.

Happy Sewing


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  1. Lucky you! Cool cushion. Love those bears. Surprise?

  2. lovely cushions……….

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