Blogging 1.01 & Miniature Challenge

Blogging 1.01 – Lesson 1: Comments on a post can be turned off. Who knew! Well probably everyone else in Blogland but not this little vegemite. Yesterday I managed to turn off the comments on my post – without even knowing that it was something that I could do or how to do it. Thanks to my friend Mistea Crafts for asking me if Jindi was being anti-social and not letting anyone talk to her.  The challenge?  Turning the feature back on!!!

Blogging 1.01 – Lesson 2: How to imbed a link and include ALL the necessary HTML code – it took me about an hour in two sessions of trying to get this post together with the link included to realise that the HTML was missing information. Am a bit challenged by this brave new world – you bet!!!

Miniature Challenge 2008


Last year a group I am a member off had a miniature challenge. This was my attempt – “Twice”. It is 16 1/2 inches square. Why “Twice”? Becuase I managed to reverse the piecing when I sewed it the first time and had to pull it apart and start over THEN I hated the quilting and that had to go through the same process.  It is handpieced, using templates not foundation, and handquilted (all that redoing meant it ended up a bit wonky).  I really like playing with tiny bits of fabric in this way and I will take handpiecing over machine work any day so even though it took me twice as long as it should have – the binding was done in the wee small hours of the morning it was due and then it was washed and dryed in front of the heater with an hour to spare (who says I cut it fine!) – I had a great time choosing the blocks, drawing up the draft (I use MQ1, a primitive version of EQ – paper and coloured pencils) and putting together. If you like to pop over to visit my lovely friend Lorraine at Bizarre Quilter she has a slideshow of all the challenge minatures. It’s a bit of a way down her right hand sidebar.

Happy Sewing


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  1. Well done on getting all those blog things sorted, it can take a while to find your way around. Cute picture of the quilt as usual I forgot it was in those nice colours.

  2. Well, hello there!! I didn’t realise you had a blog! Congratulations and welcome!!


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